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Welcome Musiconis semantic mediawiki

Musiconis is a database that allows to describe music and sound in the Middle Ages. Parallel to the performance (musical instruments, performers), it makes it possible to specify the function of the sound in the image (eg engenderment of the letter), the references to theory and musical perfection (eg tuning, mathematical law), the source of musical inspiration in the image (eg: vegetal rinceau) , the referential universe of sound (ex: music of the Law, scholarly music) but also the method of sound propagation and the markers of hearing (see Sound). This wiki is used to describe and link the different information indexed in the database in a semantic way. In Musiconis, information is grouped in records. Each record presents a scene and describes its musical and sound characteristics. A scene may be seen on a sculpture, a stained glass, a carved ivory object, etc. General descriptive fields (date, support, location, etc.) and more specific fields (performers, instruments, etc.) are used in Musiconis to describe each scene. We show you in this wiki how we index images. You can then index new scenes in the database more easily.

Musiconis tagcloud

Musiconis visualization and knowledge integration

D3-based directed force layout graph visualization of the structure of the wiki. Graph nodes represent individual wiki pages or web pages, while links between nodes indicate page links. These links are directional, where the direction of the link indicates which page links to which. If two pages link to each other, the link is bidirectional. As an example, this graph is initialized with two values: Musician and Cordophone. It displays second order links.

Sound in medieval images

Main musical instruments in images

Main performers in images

This wiki was created as part of the Fab-Musconis program. FAB-Musiconis is a research-teaching project of Columbia University and Sorbonne University, rendered possible thanks to the support of the FACE Foundation's Partner University Fund. Its scientific leaders are Susan Boynton (Colombia) and Frédéric Billiet (Sorbonne University). From 2016 to 2019, Medieval Graduate students from each of the two partner universities will participate in a program of activities during the academic year, including intensive two-week exchanges in Paris and New York.